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Music - Trumpet: Resource Guide for the Trumpet

Sources for finding information on the trumpet and trumpet repertoire.

Call numbers and subject headings for trumpet music

Solo M85-M89
Sonatas (Trumpet) w/piano M260-M261
With 1 wind instrument M288-M289
With 1 string instrument M290-M291
With orchestra M1030
With orchestra, arranged M1031
With string orchestra M1130

With string orchestra, originally for another medium

Studies and methods MT440-MT456
Orchestral excerpts MT446



Subject headings for trumpet music (search by subject or keyword in Webcat)

trumpet music

trumpet and [trombone, horn, etc.]

trumpet with [band, orchestra, etc.]

trumpet music (trumpets (2))

sonatas (trumpet)

concertos (trumpet)

concertos (trumpet solo with piano)

brass trios; wind trios; trios

brass quartets; wind quartets; quartets

brass quintets; wind quintets; quintets

[follow for sextets, septets, octets, nonets]

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Subject Guide

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