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Music - Violin: Resource Guide for the Violin

Call numbers and subject headings for violin music

Solo unaccompanied M40-M44
Solo with piano or continuo  M217-M223
Violin sonatas M219
Violin suites and variations  M220
Collections of arranged works M43
Solo with full orchestra - full scores M1012
Solo with full orchestra - piano reductions M1013
Solo with string orchestra - full scores M1112

Solo with string orchestra - piano reductions

String duets M286-M287
String trios M350-M351
String quartets, quintets (etc.) M452-M552

Piano trios, quartets, quintets (etc.)

M312, M412, M512

Trios, quartets, quintets (etc.) for piano plus two (three, four etc.) string(s) plus wind(s)

M322, 422, 522 (etc.)

Trios, quartets, quintets (etc.) for stringed and wind instruments 

M362, 462, 562

Trios, quartets, quintets (etc.) for stringed and plucked instruments 

M372, 472, 572

Trios, quartets, quintets (etc.) for stringed, plucked and wind instruments

M382, 482, 582

Orchestral Music

Instructional works, studies, etudes, etc. MT260-MT266
Biographies of string players ML398, ML418
Books about stringed instruments and the violin ML750-ML897


Subject headings for violin music and books (search by subject or keyword in Webcat)

  • violin music
  • violin and [viola, horn, etc.]
  • violin with [band, orchestra, etc.]
  • violin music (violins ((2))
  • concertos violin
  • sonatas violin
For books:
  • Violin – Bibliography  

  • Violin music – Bibliography  

  • Violin – History  ML460, 755-850

  • Violin music -- History and criticism 

  • Violinists - Biography 

  • Violin -- Instruction and study 

  • Violin -- Studies and exercise 

  • Violin -- Orchestra studies 



Music Periodical and Literature Indexes

Use these databases to find books and articles about music by topic.

Violin periodicals in Fondren (online fulltext)

Violin periodicals in Fondren Library (print subscriptions)

Subject Guide

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